Thursday, February 11, 2010

Changing it up with artist Clara Berta

Every so often I just need to get my mind on a different track, so recently I signed up for an art class with my friend and artist, Clara Berta.

Working with mixed media, Clara paints and collages together abstract pieces that are rich with texture and hue and are quite evocative. Clara's romanticism, independence, and passion for all of life's pleasures unfold in each of her pieces. Her laugh is completely contagious and her intimate art studio is the perfect place to let your mind unwind listening to music and making art.

Here are a few of her more recent works....

And here are a few of mine I snapped with my iPhone.... I'm realizing that with mixed media, I may be of the philosphy 'more is more' - but why not? Sometimes more is just more fun!

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