Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oh so Lovely Lucite

When I was a sassy little teenager and asked a "get to know you" question like "what's your favorite color?",  I used to fire back a quippy response and say "clear". Truth. I have family that will vouch for me on this one.

Many moons later (ok, not too too many), it's pretty ironic that I do in fact choose clear over color in my interior design work. More specifically, I work with lucite, a gorgeous acrylic lightweight material. It can add just the right sparkle to a room and it's widely available in both home furnishing and fixtures.

Still can't picture it clearly in your space? Well here's a visual of one of my projects recently featured in Small Room Decorating.

Many of the pieces featured here are from Design Within Reach. Lucite can work in virtually any space. So now that you have some clarity, go pick out something clear! Oh and now that we're all adults here, if someone ever asks a get to know you question such as "what are you wearing?", be sure to tell them "something low cut and see through that brings out my eyes"... (wink wink). Yep, still can't shake the sass!


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