Monday, March 24, 2014

On the hunt: Vintage Pyrex

Lately I’ve been having a mini-obsession for vintage pyrex bakeware. I have to say "mini" because I came across this nugget of truth allegedly from Mr. Gosling himself... so, NO I am most certainly NOT a hoarder,  not ever... unless we're talking about Ryan Gosling.... then yes, he's completely hoard-worthy. 

So hoarding, err, I mean "collecting" aside, the Pyrex brand has nearly a century of brand recognition as being an American made, durable and reliable high performance glass cookware. If you’re American, or you live in America and you cook (I’m guessing you fall into one of these categories), more than likely, you have at least one pyrex dish in your home. Maybe you’re like me and can recall a few favorites that your mother or grandmother used to use on a regular basis.

Like many brands with a long standing history, Pyrex has gone through many design periods, and one of my favorites date back to the 1950’s-1970’s eras when they introduced colored pyrex with some pretty groovy pieces that served up great food and great style. In fact, many of these pieces are so beloved, that they are considered collectibles. If you’re on the hunt for some of these vintage lovelies, you can find them at local antique malls or flea markets, if not online. 

Here are some of my favorite collections and groupings. There are oh so many bright and cheerful eye catching pieces... what's a girl to do...


Living Room. Just pretend you are a gypsy. Ladies listen. Gypsy men know. Trust me. they do. i hate most women. For a reason. But not all. Also this. Gay men. They are good. run to them. I would. I do.

Arranging cookware in collectible groupings allows it to become useable kitchen art, which I love. Stylish cookware should be on display, it livens up your kitchen space.Whether you stick to a specific color grouping or mix and match, the only major rule to follow is to have some uniformity by pairing the same color in groups or the same color combination, otherwise it will look hodge podge. If you have a large display, this seems to work best. If you have a few pieces, then you can definitely be more experimental and use them to add a cheerful boost to your living space. 

This space is a great example of clean, not cluttered, with a healthy dose of midcentury style. I particularly love that the planter is decidedly pyrex- inspired. Fab!Dreamy display of pyrex and other vintage goodies...
"So Emily, are there any other ways you can display vintage Pyrex?" Why, Ryan, I am so glad you asked! Here are some creative ways you can use and display these gorgeous pieces in your own home.
Cute use of PyrexPretty pink vintage Pyrex. Yes, please.

I love the idea of repurposing pyrex to organize smaller items you already have in your living space. Why shove supplies in a drawer when you can put your creative passions on display? I love that colorful spools of thread and fabric get showcased here, not shelved. 

Pyrex can also be used as flower pots or planters as shown here, or fruit bowls on your kitchen counter or dining table as a centerpiece. The ideas are endless.
Seattle, WA: Brandon and Rebecca - eclectic - patio - seattle - Sarah Greenman 

Love the idea of vintage pyrex but not committed to the collection just yet? Check out these fabulous pyrex inspired products.
Framed Vintage Pyrex Poster- Blue

Stacked pyrex dish art print from Etsy.
melody+miller+pyrex+for+kokka+1.jpg 400×503 pixels
Pyrex inspired fabrics from Melody Miller. You still get the look without committing to a display of dish ware.

Tea Towel Subscription: 12 months, 12 Pyrex Tea Towel Designs, Flour Sack Tea Towel Printed With Water Based Innk   
Pyrex inspired tea towels from Etsy.

 Vintage Pyrex Recipe Cards - Set of 16
How cute are these recipe cards from Etsy?

I hope you've enjoyed the walk down memory lane, and hopefully you too will be inspired to find some great treasure from the past and display it with pride. Now if you'll excuse me, Ryan and I have a date at this swanky joint....


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