Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creepy Chic Candy Displays for Halloween

For those of you who know, I come from a family of dentists. My parents were pretty much the scrooges of Halloween. In fact, this scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nearly reminds me of my childhood trick or treating.... only without all the headgear! The mere mention of a sugary treat was quickly followed with “That’ll rot your teeth”. While most children feared things like monster's in their closet or boogiemen, I grew up living in fear of cavities. Yes, Halloween was indeed a scary time for me!
Like poor little Willy Wonka, I felt robbed of my hard earned treasures, but now as a parent I can see it was all well intended. So in the spirit of being festive and finding a common ground, why not display these special treats in more than a plastic pumpkin from the dollar spot? 

I love this DIY centerpiece from Room to Inspire. I am creeped out by crows (and seagulls, but that's another story) so this one sitting atop a jar of black licorice gives me the willies in a good way, you know, because he's stuffed. The candy corns add just the right touch of color. 

Speaking of candy corns, I love this display along with the jumbo marshmallows. That gorgeous shimmering mosaic tile backsplash is winking hard at me too.... right back 'atcha babe.

I'm also digging this more traditional vignette from The House of Smiths, which has just enough pop of festive color in the right places. The creative labeling is what makes Halloween really come to life... or in this case should I say, death?

Halloween vialsHalloween Curio Cabinet

This curio from Torie Jayne is also a fabulous fresh take on Halloween... in fact, it's killer! Why not channel your inner witch, wave your magic wand and make it a hot pink Halloween?! Here you could use color foil wrapped candy like Hershey kisses, or colored candies like M&M's to get this same look but in an edible version.

And since I will pretty much be disowned for this artful tribute to pure sugar, I will leave you with these adorable little jack o' lantern tangerines which are a more healthful, yet still festive option, for those of you looking to stay out of the dental chair this year.

healthy halloween treats

Happy Hauntings!


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