Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A fab fiesta for Cinco de Mayo

With spring in full swing and my backyard living space finally coming together, I think it's high time  to take the party outdoors. Fortunately, spring has no shortage of reasons to celebrate, and cinco de mayo is one of my faves for two reasons: bright colors and margaritas! Who's with me?

When we think of fiestas, we think of bold color use, which I am a total fan of. Go bold or go home! An easy way to make bold colors work visually is to pair two colors together and them ground them with a strong neutral, like white. This way you don't overwhelm your eye or the space. I paired vibrant sapphire blue and orange with crisp white.  The touch of aqua with the organic qualities of the gravel and landscape provide a beautiful backdrop for this festive setting.

Now if you saw the post of my Easter table, you would know I am less on formality and more on fun, at least when it comes to my personal entertaining style. Since we are talking outdoor entertaining, I set my dining table as more of a buffet style serving center, allowing guests to graze and find a cozy spot of their choice.

I found this inexpensive shoulder-wrap-turned-table-runner in the Pinata district of downtown LA. The oversized pom-pom's on the ends had my name on them. It compliments the fun, vibrant pops of orange found in the sunflowers and citrus so well! 

To add some dramatic fun, I picked up these gorgeously colored wafers at a Mexican market, but I must admit, they were big on display, but not on taste. 

And what's a fiesta without Chiclets? I sprinkled these across the dining table like edible confetti. It kept little hands and mouths busy to say the least!

I carried the theme over to my "fresh off the truck" patio furniture that had arrived a day earlier from CB2. New furniture is a perfect excuse to celebrate in my world!

Now that the table is set, I'll have Señor de la casa LaMarque fetch me a margi, on the rocks with salt por favor. Happy Cinco de Mayo mis amigos!

How will you celebrate?


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