Thursday, April 17, 2014

Setting a spring table with style

With Easter coming up this weekend, it got me thinking about creative ways to style our holiday table this year. Growing up, our table was often set with this delightful vintage strawberry china from Fitz & Floyd. Side note- I had to look them up because I was nearly convinced the little FF icon stamped on the back meant "For Food".... which would have been perfectly fine by me. If it looks good enough to eat off of, I won't judge!

So with the 'vintage-vibe-meets-spring-time-fun' in mind, I decided to work on an elegant yet playful update, making this tablescape casually chic and kid friendly. After all, I am in that season of attempting to live stylishly with children. It is a tall order at times! And speaking of kids, since my cousin Leslie came over with her kids, we decided to make this a "working playdate"; as in moms work while kids play... when do we get to play? is it wine-thirty yet? So while we dressed up our table, we baited our little minions with candy and kept them busy with a fun Easter craft. More on that later.

I created a simple floral arrangement of wild chamomile in a glass pitcher to echo the strawberry blossoms in the china. The pitcher was a perfect accompaniment to the casual table setting.

Next up, I added brightly hued sweets displayed in mix and match dishware to accentuate the cozy vibe, and because, well, a little food bribery will get children to sit through a meal. I rarely do that, but being that it's a holiday I will make a small exception (I mean teeny).

My favorite impromptu addition to our table was this amazing artisnal candy from Papabubblela. These artful edibles were hand crafted for Land of Nod which had their tour bus in front of Papabubblela's shop in Old Town Pasadena, the same day we were planning to do our photo shoot. Being a big fan of all things from Nod, we stopped by and naturally, couldn't resist making a home for these quirky little conversation pieces. I don't think it was pure coincidence that their colored confections matched our table either. Meant to be!

Now back to the treat-gorging minions....

We filled their bellies with candy and put paint in their hands... we live on the edge like that.

They painted hard boiled eggs as well as egg shaped salt dough ornaments which the mamas prepared ahead of time. After we eked a little child labor out of them, we decided to hang the salt dough ornaments with turquoise baking twine found from the 1 spot at Target. Great little craft project for $1 if you already have the essentials- flour, salt, water and paint of your choice.

This was the end result, the piece de la resistance... ok fine, we just needed to let them hang dry away from little grabby hands.... the Japanese maple never looked so perdy.

Meanwhile, back in the design dojo, we finished setting the table in strawberry style.

And then this happened..... busted....

Luckily for Miss Olivia, cuteness makes up for her mischievousness.

As you can see, this shoot was easy breezy, free of interruption and after a day's work of high styling fun, the mamas joyfully sat outside, taking in the warm spring sun in perfect peace, while the angelic little babes, sat contently, rolling pleases, thank you's and other praises off their tongues as sweet as the candy they just devoured. Right.... now, let's return to earth. The day was not without distraction, but it was plenty of fun and no vintage china was harmed during the process... whew! The biggest take away from this and any holiday for that matter is making memories that last.

Whatever that may be in your home and at your holiday table, may you find the joy in the perfectly imperfect and bring that real life combo to light in the heart of your home, the place where we gather for meals. It will create fond memories, family bonding and years of laughter to come, promise!


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