Friday, April 11, 2014

Rock On! Designing with natural gems

There is nothing more breathtaking and exquisite than the colors, crystals and reflective quality of natural stones. They have a sense of history, permanency, and incomprehensible beauty. Using natural stone as accents, hardware and lighting brings nature right into the home, allowing it to gorgeously reflect and shine in your dreamy interior.

As children, many of us collected rocks, and I for one, still do... in a different way of course. I'm constantly in pursuit of the right gems to create a sanctuary at home that is both calming yet luxurious. Amazing how a colorful geode or amethyst can lift your mood, isn't it?

Here are some of my favorite pieces using natural gemstone. Ready to rock some in your home?  They will become the drool-worthy focal point of your room. I mean, who doesn't notice bling??

1. Gorgeously glam geode wallpaper from Kremelife.
2. Matching rock crystal lamps from Craig Van Den Brulle.
3. Black lacquered box with geode from MapletonDrive.
4. Lovely little airplant and crystal combo from Falcon&Finch.
5. Crystal wall sconce from Kallista.
6. Agate cabinet handles from West Elm.
7. Selenite tabletop decor from Plantation.
8. Charles Edwards crystal door knobs.
9. White quartz bookends from High Street Market.
10. Agate inspired gicleƩ print from Oliver Gal Signature Collection featured on One Kings Lane.
11. Belle&June agate and lucite serving tray.
12. Cole & Son malachite inspired wallpaper found at Walnut Wallpaper.

I love how working with crystal can be both dramatic yet soothing at the same time, I mean, when does drama and calm ever go together? This is why they are truly amazing and can create the perfect inspired accent in your living space.

So in spirit of throwing you a few design solutions (because stones would be umm... reprehensible), whatever you choose to do in your living space, may these gems be an inspiration to you.

Until then... rock on with reckless abandon!


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